By: Holly Inglis

Most amazing God, we pause in the midst of all that we are doing to soak in your grace and love for us. As we prepare for another year of ministry, you know there are many things on our to-do lists, some of which may not get done or may be postponed until another day. Help us to be gracious with ourselves as you are gracious with us.

You understand our need to have things prepared and “just right” for all those who will enter our places of worship, learning, fellowship, and community. May those who enter these spaces experience your transformation, renewal, and healing. In all our preparations and activity, remind us that there is nothing we can do to earn your love and nothing that can separate us from your love.

We pray for those who have retired and those who have left active ministry because of termination or reductions. Enfold them in your love. Refresh them in body, mind, and soul.

Surround all those who are called to the ministry of education with your peace and remind us that the work we do is not ours, but yours. Fan the flames of passion for your Kingdom work within us. Restore the joy of your salvation to our hearts. Ignite within us a love for your people that undergirds all we do and inspires others to follow your way.

In the name of the Great Teacher, Jesus Christ, we pray.  Amen.


Rev. Dr. Holly Inglis is a Certified Christian Educator, serving as the Associate Pastor for Community & Connection at Palms Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. She is the current President of APCE.