Worship experiences during the 2018 Annual Event promise to be boundless and rich.

Renowned for crafting multi-cultural worship that moves beyond singing hymns or offering prayers in different languages, Sandra Van Opstal (CRC) brings her creative and innovative gifts to the Annual Event. Worship, to Sandra, is a cross-cultural experience, designed to give glory to a global God. Hospitable worship encompasses the diverse body of Christ, gathering peoples from every tribe and tongue and weaving music, ritual, prayer and scripture around God’s sumptuous banquet table.

To hear a word from Sandra, check out a 3 minute video clip below about her recent book, The Next Worship.

Sandra will preach during Wednesday night’s opening worship, which will highlight the musical heritage of the Kentucky bluegrass. She preaches again on Friday morning during a Moravian Love Feast.

J. Herbert Nelson II, Stated Clerk of the PC (USA), will preach during Thursday’s worship and in Saturday’s closing Communion service.

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