By: Priscilla Andre-Colton

Our next Annual Event will be February 6-9, 2019 in Galveston, Texas.  Our theme invites us to explore new ways of equipping those who shape how faith is formed in a sea of change.  Change is all around us, in the church, in our communities and in the world.  These changes prompt change in how the church ministers to the world, to the community, and to our congregations.  These changes inspire us to find new ways to do mission, to engage in worship and to embrace learning.

For our 2019 event, we are looking for workshop presenters who are passionate about what they are doing and can present their ideas with contagious enthusiasm.  We will choose workshops that are engaging and interactive, sparking new approaches to educational ministry with all ages.  Workshops are needed that offer personal growth opportunities and provide very practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.  We seek a variety of workshops that will meet not only the needs of the brand new educator, but also motivate the seasoned educator. We are seeking workshops for pastors and educators, for family ministry coordinators, for the DCE who “does it all,” for associate pastors for youth, for directors for children, for volunteers who work with Sunday School, mid-week programming, tweens, or toddlers. Add your specialty to the list!

Workshops may be either 1 ½ or 3 hours in length.  Some presenters may want to offer their workshop twice.  Presenters for workshops selected will receive a discounted registration for the event.  Presenters must be registered for the event.

To submit your proposal visit the  and click on the “workshop proposals” button on the home page.  Submission deadline is March 12, 2018.  Workshops will be selected in April.

You know you want to come to Galveston…

Priscilla Andre-Colton is a retired Certified Christian Educator living in Alexandria, VA.  She currently serves on the Annual Event Ministry Team as Co-Chair for the 2019 Annual Event along with Anne Wilson.  In her spare time she enjoys playing with her three grandchildren, rubber stamping and traveling.

Keep an eye out for resources and links from our 2018 Annual Event, coming soon!