What is it about getting away from our normal routines and into a camp setting that makes it easier to hear the voice of God?

The Advocate will explore that question and others like it over the next few weeks as we share stories of faith formation in camp settings. We’ll hear about a mission camp, a camp focused on faith and sexuality, confirmation camp, a family camp, some reflections about how congregations can connect with denominational camps, and more.

In the meantime, check out some of these resources to get started thinking:

A report about a meeting in 2017 with PCUSA and ELCA leaders as they considered the role of camping ministries in faith formation.

Resources from the 2017 Annual Event in Denver. Scroll down to find the info sheet on Playing in the Dark, a workshop that shared games for camp or other settings, led by Joel Winchip, Executive Director of the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association, and APCE member and contributing author. (Have you found our APCE resource page for other past annual events? Click here!)

An Advocate article and a goldmine of workshop resources on Family and Mission Camps by Miatta Wilson, APCE member (and Local Co-Chair of the 2019 Annual Event in Galveston!)

And here is another one of our past articles on camps, about a partnership among churches in Canada, written by Theresa McDonald-Lee: