By: Pressley Cox

For centuries, the Church has relied on visual images as touchstones and reminders of key Bible stories and important elements of our faith. From stone carvings and stained glass images to flannel-board pieces, wooden figures and colorful banners, we’ve drawn on shapes, colors and the arts to communicate the Christian story.

Fast-forward to the 21st Century. Children and youth are growing up with technology and online learning as integral components to their education. Visual images constantly flash before their eyes. My own 6th grade twin daughters have homework that is only accessed through Google classroom, which I have yet to figure out how to navigate. Every afternoon, they view class assignments, complete their homework, ask classmates questions, finish group projects, all online. As I talk to other parents, I realize this is the norm. Most schools have tapped into visual learning and integrated digital learning into the classroom. Do we need to update our toolbox with visual and digital arts that stimulate learning?

How can we use digital technologies and visual learning to reshape the way we develop faith formation ministry?

The Advocate will explore this question over the next few weeks as we share stories of Faith Formation in a Visual Culture. We’ll hear about tools and resources, spiritual practices, and more for children, youth and adults.

Pressley Cox is a member of the ADVOCATE ministry team.  She serves as Pastor of Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Simpsonville, SC.  She can be reached at