By: Pressley Cox

“The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out.” John 1: 5  The Message

Fires, floods, hurricanes, shootings, wars, and rumors of wars!  There is much darkness in the world.  How do churches prepare people to meet darkness with resilience and hope?  How do churches respond to darkness in light-bearing ways that turn darkness into opportunities for growth in faith?  Many churches today are serving as light-bearers offering help and hope in times of trouble.  This next series of blog posts will shed light on some of the people and churches whose experience confirms that growing in faith matters when it comes time to face darkness and move through it into light.

We’ll hear from Jill Duffield, who reflects on white supremacy and hate encountered in Charlottesville. Omayra L. Gonzalez Mendez will share reflections after devastation in Puerto Rico. Forrest Palmer brings us news from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance ministry. And we’ll learn about the ministry of Downtown Church after flooding in Columbia, South Carolina. In the midst of darkness, light breaks through.