By: Priscilla Andre-Colton


Anyone who lives near a coast knows the power of the tides. They influence everything that happens. My husband and I used to sail in the St. Johns River out of Jacksonville, FL. I learned early that the tides affected when we could leave our dock and when we could return, where we could go and how long we could stay. If you didn’t pay attention, you could be in trouble.

The tides are changing in the church. The demographics are changing. Leadership is changing. How we organize and structure for ministry is changing. And we need to pay attention if we are to be faithful witnesses to the good news of Jesus Christ for the world.

The 2019 APCE Annual Event in Galveston will explore these changes and how the church might respond. Through our worship, plenaries, music and workshops, we will examine the changing scene and learn about ways to engage these changes in ministry. Find registration information here.

Now available on the APCE scholarship page are various scholarship forms with deadlines of October 15, 2018. Each scholarship has different criteria, so please read the descriptions to determine which is the one for you. These scholarships are intended to encourage those who want to enrich their own ministry by attending the 2019 Annual Event by defraying the cost to do so. 

Contemplate these “tidal reflections” as you consider coming to Galveston next February 6–9, 2019.

Tidal Reflections

The tide goes out taking. . .
my hurt feelings,
my petty jealousies,
my sense of inadequacy and incompetence.

The tide comes in bringing. . .
healing to my heart,
soothing for my soul,
renewal for my spirit.

The tide goes out taking. . .
my unkind words,
my thoughtless actions,
my intolerant judgments.

The tide comes in bringing. . .
forgiveness for me to accept,
mercy for me to receive,
grace for me to embrace.

The tide goes out taking. . .
the clutter,
the distractions,
the betrayals.

The tide comes in bringing
a sense of purpose,
vision for the journey,
hope for what lies ahead.

The tide goes out taking. . .
worn-out ways,
outmoded strategies,
tired models.

The tide comes in bringing. . .
new ways to see,
creative ways to serve,
imagining what isn’t yet.

In and out, out and in, the tides keep the rhythms of the sea.

Come now to the waters!

For more information about the 2019 Annual Event, click here.

Priscilla Andre-Colton, CCE, is one of the APCE Annual Event 2019 Co-chairs. She is retired, having served churches in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.