What are you reading these days? Educators seem to have the most fascinating and diverse books on their nightstands and desks. The Advocate ministry team wanted to share what we are reading these days, in the hopes it might spark some new ideas for you:

“Right now I’m reading what would at first glance appear to be two entirely unrelated books. The first is Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow and the second is Faith Formation with a New Generation by John Roberto with Lisa Brown, Tanya Eustace Campen, Lynn Barger Elliott, and Lee Yates. For me, the relationship between the two is that they are both about leading change. George Washington, as one of our founding fathers and mothers, took on the challenge of leading in a time of great turmoil and change. John Roberto and his colleagues are challenging Christian educators to be leaders and change agents in our own tumultuous times.”

~Grace Yeuell

“I’m reading The End of White Christian America by Robert P. Jones, CEO of Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) for my educators book group. I have the edition with an Afterword covering the 2016 election. It’s more than charts and statistics. For pleasure, I am reading The Kingdom of the Blind by Louise Penny so our Penny discussion group from church can discuss it in February. If you are a mystery fan (or even if you’re not) and haven’t found Louise Penny, begin with the first book in this series, Still Life.”

~Carol Wehrheim

“I am currently reading Under Pressure: Confronting the Epidemic of Stress and Anxiety in Girls by Lisa Damour, Ph.D. As a mother of twin 13 year old girls, this book is an eye opener into the stresses of their every day lives. I also recommend the author’s book Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood.”

~Pressley Cox

“I rarely have time to read for pleasure, but I keep up with the print version of Time magazine. When I grab a book, I’m currently enjoying Michelle Obama’s biography Becoming. I’m an admirer.”

~Beth Herrinton-Hodge

“I’m also reading Becoming, by Michelle Obama.  As a native of Chicago I found her description of growing up there nostalgic.  I could also picture her descriptions of college life and being a young professional.  I listened (on Audible with the author reading the book), to the insider’s view of a whole other world: politics. So many (myself included) would recognize ourselves in the moments of doubt and in her question, “Am I good enough?”  I have two other primary thoughts: 1) Look at God – extraordinary things from ordinary people, and 2) I would love to have heard more about her life of faith that was only barely mentioned (in a book of Ruth sort of way).”

~British Hyrams

“I’m currently reading Extraordinary Relationships: A New Way of Thinking about Human Interactions, by Roberta Gilbert. This is reading for some work in Family Systems Theory that I am doing for continuing education. Learning to view the church as an emotional system, filled with people in emotional systems, and understand my role in my own family (and all the other overlapping systems), is important and valuable work.”

~Julie Hester

What are you reading these days that others would find enjoyable and educational?