This is a text message conversation between the 2020 Annual Event cochairs.

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Hey, did you see the APCE 2021 Annual Event announcement? 

Oh, my goodness, yes!  I cannot believe they gathered all these incredible speakers on such short notice. 

It took us 2 years to organize the Little Rock event, and here Tom and Anne and the Annual Event Team have pulled off an incredible line-up in just TWO months! 

Was Little Rock just 11 months ago?!  It feels like 10 years.  But I guess we hit “Getting outside the box” on the head?  We’re certainly doing church outside the building. 

For sure.  I think the team is spot-on this year: “Anything But Ordinary Time”!

Def. I love how they picked up so many important 2020 themes: Leadership in Covid, Racial Understanding, Virtual Ministry.

It was so hard to choose, especially with even more options for children, youth, and adult ministries.  Which workshops did you pick?

It was so hard! How can I pass up a 3-part series with Rebecca Davis?  But then, I loved all the mission tie-ins with a Diversity Task Force, a Cultural Proficiency Task Force, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and the Matthew 25 workshop. 

I did pick Becky’s series, but I’m so excited we have digital access to all the workshops as APCE members. 

That’s so nice b/c I really struggled to pick just one—even though there were so many fewer pages to slog through this year!

Right?!  Registration was so streamlined.  I only printed out 3 pages to make my choices this year vs. the 20-page packet of other years.

For sure.  It made it even easier to forward it to my colleagues and committee members to invite them to attend.  Registration took about 15 minutes AND it’s ONLY $100!

I even donated a virtual experience for an educator who needs a scholarship, and Susi’s already signed up.    

That’s fantastic, Miatta! 

So which workshops did you pick?

Let’s see: Spirituality in our 3rd 30: Our Best Asset As We Age, Making Difficult Decisions w. the Diversity Task Force, and Living Matthew 25- 50 Ways to Empower Your Ministries. 

Those sound great.  I’ll look forward to hearing about your takeaways. 

For sure.  And can I just give a shout-out to the ATL representation??  Aisha Brooks-Lytle and Paul Roberts are 2 fantastic speakers.  I’ve had Paul speak at Shallowford several times and worked with Aisha through our Presbytery.  It will be such a treat to hear both of them.

And did you see there will be translation services?  I really wanted to make that happen last year, and I’m so glad this year’s team pulled it off. 

Kudos to this 2021 Annual Event Team!  I’m so impressed with everything they have pulled together.     

I’m going to miss being roomies with you and hanging out with my PSCE friends, but it’s going to be a great APCE year! 

Agreed! Can’t wait for February!  



Miatta Wilson and Catherine Foster

Co-Chairs of the APCE 2020 Annual Event: Miatta Wilson, Director of Children’s Ministries at First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, TX. Catherine Foster, Associate Pastor for Mission & Discipleship at Shallowford Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA.