Here we are at the conclusion of our Advocate theme, ‘Simple Things’.

When we initiated this topic a few weeks ago we received more comments than usual. Everyone seemed to agree wholeheartedly with Beth’s acknowledgement of how exhausted and overwhelmed we all are feeling these days after more than two years of pandemic shifting, pivoting and visioning. We are all done in!

Yet, at the same time our churches are striving to re-open and return to pre-Covid programming. How will we ever do this?

We thought a few good, practical ideas that don’t take a ridiculous amount of planning or energy to carry out were in order.

If you’ve missed reading through these wonderful contributions (and it’s perfectly understandable if you have – you’ve been busy), we want to remind you what we featured during the month of May. And so we offer brief teasers for the last five Advocate postings for you to check out. At the end of each teaser you will find a link that will take you to the full article if you want to read more. So grab a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and enjoy these ‘Simple Things’.


Simple Things

In this Eastertide, and in the waning days of the school year (for many), we invite our readers to step back and allow yourselves to embrace simple things. Like you, many of us have pushed HARD over these past few years, trying to support and nurture faith, pivoting and reworking program plans, mastering (or not) technology, and encouraging the people around us to have faith, to rely on God’s strength and grace, to carry on.

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A Pre-School Tweak

As we look to rebuild our educational programmes we can’t ignore what we’ve learned these last couple of years; we must not cut our parents out of our faith formation plans and in fact we need to make families the centre of our approach going forward.

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A New Arena For Simpler Sundays

It’s Sunday morning and the youth Sunday school teachers are MIA, or the young people are nowhere to be found. It’s Sunday morning and traditional Sunday school has become a thing of the past. If these scenarios resonate, perhaps it’s time to consider a new arena for Christian faith formation.

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Young People Being Kind

In the summer of 2019, two young sisters set out to spread kindness around their small county in Kentucky. They created “Be Kind” yard signs and sold them to local neighbors and merchants who proudly display them in their front yards and businesses.

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A Story Journey

“We’re doing a Story Journey tomorrow to go along with our church’s yard, garden and bake sale. We’re featuring Laura Alary’s book, What Grew in Larry’s Garden. We’re so excited.”

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We hope in the midst of all you are doing and striving to accomplish that you will find new and simple things to do that are transformative to all.