Are you looking for someone to share a hotel room with during the Annual Event?

If you would like to receive a spreadsheet with the names and contact information for others who are looking for roommates, click the button below and complete the Roommate Request Form. This form is used to collect information from persons attending the APCE Annual Event in Birmingham in January 2023 who are seeking a roommate. After submitting the form, you will receive a link to a spreadsheet containing the information you submitted as well as the information submitted by others who complete this form.

You may only use the information to find a roommate. Once you have a roommate, please click on your last name on the spreadsheet and comment “REMOVE” so that you can be removed from the list.

Only one of you needs to book a hotel room. Book a double and indicate your roommate as the second person.

APCE nor the AE Ministry Team take any responsibility for matching roommates or for the use of information provided on the spreadsheet.