Why come to the APCE Annual Event?

There are lots of great events for those responsible for youth, children, families, and other educational ministries–so why choose the APCE Annual Event?

Grounded in the reformed tradition.

If your context is in the reformed/mainline family of churches, you will find resources that likely are a good fit theologically and philosophically.

Connectional and relational.

The APCE Annual Event is a time when connections are created and built upon.  We all value the insights and wisdom of our keynote speakers and preachers, and there is equal or greater value in connecting with others doing similar work

Offerings for different contexts and experiences.

Are you a first year educator specializing in children?  There are workshops designed with you in mind.  A mid-career youth pastor? PYWA track has your back!  Retired, but still want to stay up to date?  We have something for you!  The Annual Events Ministry Team has intentionally chosen a variety of workshops we hope have something for every facet of Christian Education!

Space for Sabbath and Renewal.

How does the chance to worship with no responsibility sound?  What about a conference that encourages you to take a ‘pass’ for at least one workshop slot to allow space for rest?  The Annual Event isn’t intended to be four days of drinking from a fire hose; rather, it’s a space to sip, digest, and be refreshed.

A Venue that breaks the mold! 

Located in a repurposed train station, The St. Louis Union Station Hotel offers a unique experience that includes proximity to the Aquarium, a ferris wheel, and even hourly light shows every evening!

Practical resources and ideas to take your ministry to new levels.

Whether you find your next curriculum, a new program model, or the perfect retreat framework or book study, it is nearly impossible to walk away from this event without a broadened perspective and new ideas to implement – not to mention lots of personal connections for collaboration and support.