From Palm Branches to Pinwheels

From Palm Branches to Pinwheels

Not so long ago, faithful people across North America celebrated Jesus’ very public, triumphal entry into Jerusalem from the privacy of their own homes. Across social media, pictures and stories emerged celebrating believers who marked the day with palm branch...

Basics of Reformed Theology with Rev. John Yu

Basics of Reformed Theology with Rev. John Yu

In partnership with the Office of Christian Formation of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators is hosting a FREE webinar on Tuesday, April 28 at 2:00 pm.  This webinar will be hosted in Korean by the Rev. John  Yu.  He will...

The Epidemic of Loneliness

The Epidemic of Loneliness that is happening now to many in the church and around the world has been emerging for a while. As a novel coronavirus pandemic causes pain and grief around the globe with many stricken ill and dying of COVID-19, the church is called to step...

How Do We Shout “Alleluia” in a Strange Land?

By Tori Smit Easter is coming and churches are beginning to wonder how they might celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in a meaningful and wonder-filled way when we can’t come together, in one place, and shout out ‘Alleluia’ at the top of our lungs. How do we celebrate...

Talking to Your Children About COVID-19

By Kathy L. Dawson I’ve heard many people wondering about how much to tell children about what is currently happening in our world. My own advice, coming off my years of experience working in the childhood grief arena, is to listen to the questions that the children...



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