Advent Practices During Covid-Times

Doodle Harris Zephaniah 3:17-18 assures us that even though we are feeling exiled and broken, God is rejoicing over us, renewing us, and restoring us with “loud singing.” I love this idea of God singing loudly with us as I think about Advent. My favorite songs, both...

Advent: What Are We Waiting For?

Kathy L. Dawson Advent is coming. No, really, Advent means “the coming” from its Latin roots. This begs the question of who is coming. Of course, we are likely to answer, “Jesus,” but here is where it gets complicated. Is this the first coming of baby Jesus, with...

How Do We Live in Advent Hope?

The hope of Advent seems distant and unattainable. How do we live in hope when it’s not here yet? Perhaps this Advent we are called to a more robust version of hope. Biblical hope is never simplistic, never wishful thinking.

Time Out!

Sometimes in hockey, baseball, or another sport, the coach looks at what’s happening on the field (often when things aren’t going the way they intended) and realizes that things need to change, so they call “TIME OUT!” With these words, the team heads to the bench for...

The Birth of Parents Take Five Podcast

There are a lot of great parenting resources out there...but this podcast is different. It seems to be exactly what many people are looking for and that brings Arkansas pastor, Jen Evans, great joy. And that joy just keeps on stirring inside. The podcast Parents Take...

Creating More Ways to Engage with the Advocate

As religious educators and learners it is important that we present information and receive information in a way that best suits our ability to offer and receive the information. We have steadied ourselves to embrace the necessary shift from an in-person learning...


Are you serving as an educator in your church, council or agency—either as a volunteer or as paid staff? Do you feel like you would like to have a stronger biblical and theological foundation and greater skills in educational ministry leadership? Then the Educator’s...


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