Let’s Pause Together

Whenever we meet someone new, invariably we find ourselves asking the question, “So, what kind of work do you do?”  It’s a natural inquiry that expresses a curiosity about the other person, helps us establish rapport and usually gives us a place to start building a relationship. Yet, in a subtle but very real way, that question of what someone does reveals who we tend to be as a people and how we view ourselves and others.

Five Favorite Ways to Nurture Your Faith and Care for Yourself

This summer, The Advocate has been highlighting resources – our Top Five Favorites to support and sustain faith formation and ministry. We close this series thinking about self-care. How do we nurture our own faith? What activities have nurtured our soul in this past year? The four of us at the Advocate share our self-care and faith nurturing, and we invite you to fill in Number 5. What has been the thing that has nurtured your soul? 

Five Favourite Classic Educational Ministry Books

Members of the Advocate Ministry Team continue our summer series sharing our five favorite ministry-related items in each article. These articles are meant to be interactive. Each time we post an article with our favorites, we invite you to add your own favorites in...

I’ve Always Wondered…

I’ve Always Wondered… About how we are really formed in the life of the Christian faith About how faith is nurtured and supported About who among us has gifts for spiritually being with children and youth I’ve been thinking and writing about this for a long time...

Simple Things: A Pre-School Tweak

If there is one thing we’ve learned as Christian educators during this pandemic, it’s that many of our parents were ill-prepared to take on the role of being faith-formers at home when our church buildings closed and our church programmes were shuttered. And, it...


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