Adult Ministries Remote Resources

Platforms to Connect:
Curriculum and Resources:
Stations of the Cross Print Out
Free and Reduced Price Curriculum and Bible Studies from the PC(USA) Store
Free Adult Ed Resources from Cokesbury
Video Lessons: (you can share your screen over Zoom and play them)
Bible Project
  • You can use these free videos on zoom by sharing your screen and then discuss. Make sure when you share screen you choose “share computer audio.”
  • Similar to the Bible Project, these are free videos. If you click on learn more, be sure to watch the video on YouTube and it should pull up all the videos for a subject.
Free Kindle Versions of Books:
Living into Lent by Don McKim
Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality by Tim Stead
Overcoming Stress by Tim Cantopher

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March 27, 2020