Come to the Deep Wells of Middle Eastern Hope

Do you need a boost of hope in your ministry or personal life? Come be filled with hope as Middle East Christian Educators reflect on the challenges of their ministries. Come be reminded of the place where Christianity was birthed and first shared with others. Come hear about life in the midst of economic collapse, wars and conflicts, social disruption, political chaos, and natural disasters. Come especially to hear how Christians in the Middle East continue to witness to the hope they find in Jesus Christ. You’ll hear from Rev. Najla Kassab (Director of Christian Education for the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL) and the President of the World Communion of Reformed Churches WCRC); Rev. Dr. Rima Nasrallah van Saane (Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at the Near School of Theology (NEST) in Beirut, Lebanon); and Rev. Mathilde Michael Sabbagh (Pastor of the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Al-Hassakeh, Syria). These Educators have led, and continue to lead, their communities with spiritual strength and grace through very difficult times. Their ministries influence people around the world, as well as their home communities. Through scriptural reflection, table conversation, and video visits with these three amazing women, participants will hear about ministry in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq and the hope that sustains our siblings in Christ in the region….hope that can also sustain you in your own ministry.

Room: Midway 9