Are you getting excited?

In less than three short months our APCE Annual Event will take place in Chicago.

And it won’t be just any annual event, it will be a spectacular anniversary celebration as we come together for APCE’s 50th – plus one. So, mark the dates on your calendar, register, book your travel and accommodation, and then enjoy the next few months dreaming of all the amazing things we will experience together in Chicago in 2022.

For a little taste of what to expect, check out these recent articles by our event co-chairs, Kirsty DePree and Candace Hill; our event music leader, Mark Miller; one of our many plenary speakers, Rodger Nishioka; and the 2008 Educator of the Year, Joyce MacKichan Walker.

Circle of Faith: 50 Years + One and Beyond

From an early age, we understand what a circle represents. We make circles and play circle games – Ring Around the Rosy and Duck Duck Goose. We learn that the circle is a place of belonging and that there is room for others to join in the fun. 

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What Will the Soundtrack Be For the Church in This Generation?

Today, confronted by the multiple intersectional challenges of a global pandemic, climate crisis, and a reckoning on race, the church is at a crossroads. Will we face the difficult truth of our past and boldly proclaim the ancient, yet ever-new vision of God’s kin-dom? 

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God Loves Circle

God loves circles. Look around. Start with the sun and the moon. Envision the planets moving in their orbits. From the grand and expansive universe, focus on the minute spherical nucleus of the atom.

God loves circles.

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Clouds of Witnesses Blown By the Spirit

The church needs visionary, vital, creative leadership for these challenging and changing times. No matter how God calls, and where God leads, imaginative congregations and presbyteries and Christian educators must work together to equip all God’s people with a courageous, living faith. Meet four Christian educators whom God called to further preparation and exploration and renewed commitment to fresh avenues of ministry. Where there’s God’s will, there’s a way.

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REGISTER NOW FOR 2022 ANNUAL EVENT, February 9-12, 2022:  Information    Registration

Scholarship deadlines extended to November 15, 2021:
On-line Component (Circle of Faith Sampler)
Live stream of worship, plenaries, awards, 50+1 celebration, corporation meeting, plus your choice of eight predetermined workshops.