These past few weeks the Advocate has been reflecting on Lent. If you missed out reading any of these articles, or just want to revisit a thought or idea one more time, here are the first few lines for each posting with links attached to the titles that will that will take you to the full-length originals.

Poetry of a Lenten Journey by Pat Dutcher-Walls

Using words that resound with hope in the face of suffering and uncertainty, Isaiah 43 is one of this year’s lectionary texts for Lent. Reading this poetry with an eye to its themes and poetic beauty can help us find a path for our Lenten journey.




What Will We Tell the Children? by Tori Smit

It was a Good Friday service I will never forget. I was perhaps eight or nine years old and since children in my church rarely joined the adults in the sanctuary for any part of worship going to worship on Good Friday was a very big deal for me. I wanted to see everything that went on in this place…




Interactive Prayer Stations for Lent by Theresa Cho

Prayer stations offer a practical idea for the Lenten season, with a focus on raising awareness of a number of social justice issues and hospitality… The “Interactive Prayer Stations on Lent & Social Justice Issues” featured in this article were developed by Rev. Theresa Cho.



We hope to see you at the 2022 APCE Annual Event: Circle of Faith starting on this Wednesday. Whether you are participating in person or via Zoom we pray you will be rejuvenated and filled to overflowing. If you are unable to attend this year, keep following the Advocate for new stories and ideas from the Annual Event and the many church educators that so willingly share with us all. Next week keep your eyes open for a special article on the APCE Educator of the Year. You won’t want to miss it!