APCE Annual Event Scholarships

APCE Annual Event Scholarships

APCE is pleased to offer several scholarships to attend each year’s Annual Event, and for Certification Courses offered at the AE and the PC(USA) General Assembly. For more information and for Application forms, visit APCE is pleased to offer several scholarships to...

APCE Annual Event Scholarships

Invitation to the 2020 Annual Event

Year after year, there are so many wonderful aspects to the Association of Presbyterian Church Educator’s Annual Event—old and new friends, helpful workshops, and inspiring worship and plenaries. Little Rock 2020 promises to offer all of these vital benefits, plus...

Catching Up with Scholarship Recipients

Catching Up with Scholarship Recipients

  Val Murphy Scholarships are financial awards given each year to allow persons to attend APCE’s Annual Event. The scholarships are given to honor E. Valeria Murphy, former APCE Cabinet member who served as an educator in a Presbyterian church from 1947 to 1963....

Pentecost, an Acrostic

People, followers of Jesus the Christ, Excited by his resurrection, Nurtured by his ministry on earth,  Together they waited in Jerusalem. Every day wondering and praying, “Come, Advocate, Companion, Spirit of Truth.” On the fiftieth day, the rush of a mighty wind...

From the archives- Connect Activity and Outcome

From the Archives- Whether at Church or at Home

Congregations need to move past the old paradigm that the church is solely responsible for developing faith formation. Instead the church should be a mentor and someone to walk alongside parents as they develop faith formation in their own children. This is what 21st...



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