Annual events Ministry Team


The Annual Events Ministry Team shall function as the design team and steering committee to plan and coordinate details for presentation of an Annual Event, working with a designated meeting planner.


  • The Annual Events Ministry Team shall consist of six current members of APCE, two Annual Event Co-Directors for each of two consecutive events (current year and following year), staff members of respective denominations, and the Annual Events contracted meeting planner.
  • The six current members of APCE shall be selected by the Governance Ministry Team. They shall serve in three rotating classes of two members each for a maximum of two terms.
  • The Co-Moderators shall be elected from within the Ministry Team and by the Ministry Team and shall serve a three-year term. Their terms shall be staggered so that Co-Moderators are not both elected in the same year. One of the Co-Moderators shall preside at all Ministry Team meetings.


  • The work of this Ministry Team is ongoing.
  • The Ministry Team shall meet before and after the Annual Event. Additional meetings may be held by means whereby all persons participating in the meeting can hear and speak to one another.
  • The Co-Directors of the Annual Events may be invited to the fall Coordinating Council meeting.
  • The Co-Moderators of the Annual Events Ministry Team will attend Annual Events and Coordinating Council meetings.
  • Staff members of the denominations will attend the Annual Event and Coordinating Council meetings as their schedules permit.
  • At least one of the Co-Moderators and at least one of the Co-Directors will make an onsite visit in the spring prior to the Annual Event.
  • A majority of the members of the Ministry Team shall constitute a quorum.
  • Minutes of all Ministry Team meetings will be maintained and submitted to the Secretary within 30 days of each meeting.
  • Additional recommendations, actions and other matters the Ministry Team deems appropriate shall be reported to the Coordinating Council.


  • Make decisions about and negotiate contract(s) related to site and other Annual Event arrangements.
  • Develop theme, logo, and program design for the Annual Event.
  • Recruit leadership.
  • Work in cooperation with the appropriate Regional Representative and Co-Directors of each Annual Event to identify and approve a Chair of the Local Committee who would be responsible for organizing a local committee and who would function as a sub-committee of and report to the Annual Events Ministry Team.
  • Identify and invite APCE members to fulfill some of the responsibilities of each annual event in a volunteer servant leader role (i.e., ballroom manager, sign manager, off-site tour organizer, etc.) who would serve for one Annual Event but could serve for additional Annual Events if invited by the Annual Events Ministry Team.
  • Plan, budget, and set fees for annual events in collaboration with the Treasurer.
  • Present a preliminary budget no later than May 30 to the President and the Treasurer as Co- Moderators of the Administrative Ministry Team to be incorporated into the APCE Annual Budget which is approved at the fall Coordinating Council meeting.
  • Publicize and promote the Annual Event
  • Provide for evaluation of the Annual Event by attendees.
  • Maintain a notebook of Annual Event publications and publicity for reference in planning, to be shared with the Historian, the Co-Moderators of the Annual Event Ministry Team, and the Co- Directors of the Annual Event.
  • Provide time for the annual Corporation Meeting at each Annual Event with the announcement of same to be included in event publicity.
    Appoint Co-Directors for upcoming Annual Events.
  • Develop a list of organizations and vendors to be invited to exhibit at the Annual Event and coordinate the invitation and contracting process related to exhibits and exhibitors. Set and collect vendor and exhibitor fees in collaboration with the Treasurer.
  • Coordinate the work of the Coordinating Council and those who help implement Annual Event activities
  • Arrange for registration processes both prior to and during the Annual Event in partnership with the Administrative Management company.


  • Organize an Annual Event that has the potential to connect, enrich, empower, and sustain persons serving in educational ministry in the Reformed family of churches.
  • Achieve financial sustainability for each Annual Event
  • Encourage diversity in every aspect of the Annual Event