Governance Ministry Team


The Governance Ministry Team shall

  • Present a slate of candidates for nomination to serve as officers of APCE
  • Determine qualifications and characteristics needed by members of the Ministry Teams, focusing on the goal of diversifying APCE’s membership
    identify, screen, and review individuals qualified to serve on Ministry Teams
  • Populate all vacancies on Ministry Teams in a timely manner
  • Assist in orientation programs for newly appointed members of Ministry Teams
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Coordinating Council


  • The Ministry Team shall consist of nine current members of APCE.
  • Six members shall be selected by the Governance Ministry Team and shall serve in three rotating classes of two members each for a maximum of two terms.
  • Three members shall be alumnae of the Coordinating Council or former Cabinet members and shall serve in three rotating classes of one member each for a maximum of two terms.
  • The Moderator of the Ministry Team shall be the Past-president and shall preside at all Ministry Team meetings.
  • A Vice Moderator of the Ministry Team shall be elected from within the Ministry Team and by the Ministry Team, and shall preside in the absence of the Moderator.


  • The work of the Governance Ministry Team will take place over a 9-10 month period each year.
  • The Ministry Team shall meet face-to-face in conjunction with the Annual Event. Additional regularly scheduled meetings may be held by means whereby all persons participating in the meeting can hear and speak to one another.
  • A majority of the members of the Ministry Team shall constitute a quorum.
  • Minutes of all Ministry Team meetings will be maintained and placed in the appropriate designated file storage system folder within 30 days of each meeting. Additional recommendations, actions and other matters the Ministry Team deems appropriate shall be reported to the Coordinating Council.
  • Moderator is responsible for sending news and information to the Historian.


  • Communicate to the members the process for identifying and electing the most qualified candidates in a transparent, timely, and comprehensive manner
  • Ensure that the pipeline for potential candidates is as wide and accessible as possible, including regional and denominational representatives as resources
  • Oversee the process of nominating officers
  • Identify, screen, and review individuals to serve as Ministry Team members
  • Review annually the size and composition of the Coordinating Council and Ministry Teams, including whether they reflect appropriate balance of diversity, independence, technical skills, development ability, geographic representation, denominational representation and other desired qualities
  • Coordinate and oversee a self-evaluation of the role and performance of the
  • Coordinating Council, the Ministry Teams, advisory bodies, and management at least every three years


  • Increase diversity, including race, ethnicity, age, gender, geographic representation, and denominational representation
  • Engage younger members
  • Identify potential leaders and develop leadership competencies
  • Measure performances and commitment
  • Strengthen relationships across the organization