Endowment Fund Ministry Team


The Endowment Fund Ministry Team shall oversee and administer the Endowment Fund by

  • Promoting and providing visibility for the Endowment
  • Building on behalf of all of APCE capacity for Development, that is, fund raising
  • Growing the Endowment in a socially responsible manner in order to provide financial resources for future growth, advocacy and visions for ministry of the Association
  • Establishing and maintaining guidelines for the use of the Endowment Fund in an Endowment Manual


The Endowment Fund Ministry Team shall consist of nine members of APCE:

  • Five members shall consist of a member of each of the following denominations, who shall be appointed by their respective denominations:
    • Christian Reformed Church (CRC),
    • Reformed Church in America (RCA),
    • The Presbyterian Church in Canada,
    • Moravian Church of North America, and
    • Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).
  • One member shall be elected by the Administrative Team from among their team members.
  • Three current members of APCE shall be selected by the Governance Ministry Team.
  • The nine voting members shall serve in three rotating classes of three members each for a maximum of two terms.
  • The Moderator of the Ministry Team shall be elected from within the Ministry Team and by the Ministry Team, and shall preside at all Ministry Team meetings.
  • A Vice Moderator of the Ministry Team shall also be elected from within the Ministry Team and by the Ministry Team, and shall preside in the absence of the Moderator.
  • The APCE Treasurer shall serve as ex officio member.


  • The Ministry Team shall meet face-to-face at the Annual Event. Additional regularly scheduled meetings may be held by means whereby all persons participating in the meeting can hear and speak to one another.
  • A majority of the members of the Ministry Team shall constitute a quorum.
  • Minutes of all Ministry Team meetings will be maintained and placed in the appropriate designated file storage system folder within 30 days of each meeting. Additional recommendations, actions and other matters the Ministry Team deems
  • appropriate shall be reported to the Coordinating Council.
  • Moderator is responsible for sending news and information to the Historian.


  • Regularly publicize the purpose of the Endowment Fund.
  • Establish and maintain ways to grow the Fund.
  • Encourage donations from individuals and regional groups.
    Inspire and encourage grant applications.
  • Administer the grant application process.
  • Publicize how grant money is used.


  • Continuously grow the Fund and increase its use.
  • Use the Fund to connect, enrich, empower, and sustain educational ministry
    Educate the members of APCE about the importance of the Endowment Fund.
  • Continuously grow the number of donations to the Fund.


APCE wishes to thank the following organizations and entities for their generous support:


APCE wishes to acknowledge the following organizations and entities as our current vendor partners: